the round up for this week

i watched charlie & the chocolate factory last weekend. its one of the most beautifully delicious movies ive seen in awhile. tim burton is a visual genius. johnny depp is one of the most interesting actors alive today. anyway, it was nice to revert back to being an 8 year old for a little while.

i have a lot of respect for teachers who teach teenagers and actually get them to engage in what theyre learning without slapping them 3 times first. my sincerest apologies to all my sunday school teachers.

for the past week and a half, i have had to wear my ugly nerd glasses for reasons other than sheer lazyness or waking up 3 minutes and 45 seconds before i was supposed to head out the door. this time my excuse for looking like a harry potter reading freak* is because i was scheduled to have lasik eye surgery earlier this week. wearing glasses with hijab is traumatic. its almost as traumatic as wearing the huge grapefruit shaped pink glasses that my mom bought for me in pakistan that i had to wear all throughout middle school. although, i have to admit i kind of loved my ugly glasses too. thats the bipolar in me. sometimes its nice to be an ugly non harry potter reading harry potter look alike. im going to miss wearing my ugly glasses. maybe ill just poke the lenses out and wear them anyway whenever i feel the need to extra ugly myself up.

anyway, back to my adventures in lasik surgery. so i went to the lasik center on monday thinking that the whole procedure would be over in about an hour. little did i know that dilating eye drops are racist against brown people too. the average person who gets lasik only needs 1 set of the dilating eye drops to sufficiently dilate their eyes. i needed 7. keep in mind, that these demented drops BURN. so blah blah blah cry for me blah blah. anyway, so they go ahead and do the rest of the prep stuff, including giving me some vicodin. finally i think im ready to go and they get me in the laser room and the dr tells me that he doesnt like the pictures that the technician took of my eyes before they were dilated so he cant perform the surgery since he needs a picture of my eyes in their pre-dilated state. so he sends me home with insanely dilated eyes and drugged out on vicodin and tells me to come back the next day. also, bc my eyes are extra dilated, he tells me that im not allowed to watch tv, use the computer, read, drive, or be in bright light without these insanely ugly goggles on. lovely. so i basically have to either sleep the whole day or sit in a shadow and come up with my own version of shadow puppet theater. not an entirely bad way to spend a day.

anyway, so i go back the next day, and they get me all ready again, and the dr tells me that my eyes should have gone back to their normal state by then, but theyre still overly dilated and probably wouldnt go back to normal for another 24-48 hours. ecstatic, i couldnt wait to go back home and sit in more shadows. there was one good thing about my crazy eyes though, the insanely clear night vision. that, i would love to keep.

so now im about to leave for round iii at the lasik center. hopefully, i dont come out a vicodin addict with racoon eyes.

*note: i have never read a harry potter book and do not plan on starting anytime soon. thank you, freaks.


Blogger koko said...

so how'd it end up now? and shuddup, you know you like sitting in a dark corner by yourself twiddling your thumbs. i mean what more could you want with life? (except read a harry potter book which i plan on making you do if it kills me....they're really good!) i mean u have the look goin; just come full circle. :)

10:23 PM  
Blogger LaLa2000 said...

i think youd look hot as a vicodin addict with raccoon eyes. and i must say im appalled at the state of the eye care industry in america. you and koko should do a hard hitting expose...maybe stone phillips can help you.

3:29 AM  
Blogger wanderer said...

speaking of raccoon eyes (okay totally unrelated) my facial lady told me that puffy eyes come from being tired, but dark circles are actually from blood that leaks from capillaries under the eyes and oxidizes to look purple. thus causing dark circles! ooh and she gave me a sample of some 100 dollar eye cream. it has caviar in it. yeah like i am going back to buy that!

9:20 PM  
Blogger natasha1313 said...

my greatest fear about law school is not failing out, being yelled at by mean teachers and students, or discovering i am an uncapable idiot. my biggest fear is that after three years my eyes will weaken i will need to wear glasses. cause glasses suck and are ugly.

9:40 AM  
Blogger lululee said...

whatever, i have seen you in glasses, you just look like a wanna-be hipster/hello kitty lovin school girl that reads harry potter!!! and don't hate on somethin' that you can't handle....harry potter could so take you!!

10:25 PM  
Blogger UB14 said...

hi samar, thanks a lot, your blog just made me wet my pants.

2:21 PM  
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