All Ears for Tom Cruise, All Eyes on Brad Pitt

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Anonymous Azher said...

too bad indignation towards a lack of proper media coverage is all we get. I've read three articles today about how the news media should cover real topics. But as of yet no real topics from major news sources. I guess its a start but I can imagine after a few weeks the we'll have to start again...you know, when TomKat comes to an end.

11:14 AM  
Blogger s am a r said...

i agree with you completely. i doubt if any substantive changes in the focus of mainstream media coverage will actually occur, but its nice to see some actual honesty once in awhile, at least.

on a sidenote, the media tends to blame disinterested consumers for their lack of coverage of 'real' news, but if the public has no accessible alternative to hearing about lindsay lohan's latest train wreck, why would they even know to care about where the hell darfur lies on the map? its all too easy to blame the american public for being shallow & bloated on applebees, but its the media's responsibility to look out for the public interest. the avg person working 60 hrs a week does not have the time/resources to seek out what he or she should be aware about. journalistic integrity shmegrity.

12:14 PM  
Blogger koko said...

I PUT THAT ON MY BLOG TOO!! lol, i gotta take it off.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Storm982 said...

its the the media execs fault really, who are trying to squeeze every little cent out of the fluff that they continually air each night, just so they can go home to their million dollar houses, and drink their insanely priced booze... its a shame that the crap that is aired these days, it was people will actually tune in to see... god forbid, that the general public takes a genuine interest is something thats not superfical. the general public is to blame as well for their apathy and their out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality. if its not happening in their own backyards, they just don't care. case in poit: 9/11

9:52 AM  
Blogger s am a r said...

i agree with you that the gen public has to take some amt of responsibility for their apathy, and im sure at times latent (& sometimes not so hidden) racism plays a key role in what many americans are interested in hearing about.

but i still think the media is largely to blame for the am public's overall ignorance of current world issues. much of the media is still stuck inside the half-baked mentality that a singular "american dream" exists and is possible for all americans to achieve, regardless of class, race, or culture.

on the whole, the media still has not acknowledged that 1940s hollywood glamour and summers backpacking in europe are not the birthright of all americans. even if for population demographics alone, america is no longer solely confined to its whiteness. the media still has not recognized that crucial fact. until they do, we'll still keep hearing about reports about the time that tomkat simultaneously flushed 2 different toilets by accident.

also, i cant believe that every american is so callous that if they were shown fair & adequate coverage of important world events (i.e., the genocide happening in sudan) they would remain disinterested to the same degree that they currently appear. for most people, complacency with crap is the only choice theyre offered.

sorry for the way too long comment in my own blog.

12:09 PM  
Blogger LaLa2000 said...

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Blogger LaLa2000 said...

in case your þs curious twas my comment that i deleted...it was too circuitous to make any sense...im a loser. but im not gonna ask you to kill me...

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