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Things I've Learned Since 5/5/05 :

1. my laptop needs a janaza. even though it was missing the "T" key, it was good to me. it put up with my abuse for 3 years. i cant even say that about many people. i loved you, laptop.

2. i'm fickle when it comes to love. i cant help but shake my ghettobooty when i think about the new laptop i might get. (sidenote: i love technology, but not as much as you, you see. but i still love techonology.)

3. post 1st-amendment final adrenaline rushes can cause heart attacks.

4. i thought i would completely crash out after my last final, but instead, i stared at my ceiling thinking about how my blood vessells were hurting until lulu and T$ picked me up at 8am.

5. i fall into the category of people who can sleep in a car during a roadtrip.

6. truck drivers are my mehrem.

7. univ of chicago needs random tanning booths placed every 50 feet so people can at least pretend theyve seen the sun before.

8. if i had gone to an ivy for undergrad, i would have been forced to crush on the construction workers.

9. i wish i knew kip so i could crush on him instead.

10. our love is the real thing.

11. eating sushi and looking through a window that only lets you see the shoes of people walking outside is interesting.

12. lulu is cooler than ice cream and pancakes.

13. question for lulu: would you be scared of spider man too? bc i do want you to be at my wedding.

14. i always thought that i liked window shopping at expensive, yuppy stores. i dont. they make me the kind of sleepy where you feel like throwing pancakes and cheap generic syrup at the sales women.

15. i like to shop where drag queens shop.

16. i like lala's new shoes.

17. i am really starting to enjoy the color yellow.

18. diners that leak on your friend's head and have a million pieces of gum stuck to the underside of the table you're sitting at probably arent a good place to host a party.

19. lala definitely has what it takes to be an amazing photographer. she knows how to get up close and really understand her subject, especially when its herself at a hispanic prebsytarian church.

20. greektown does not exist.

21. T$ should look into becoming a professional tour guide when shes taking a break from saving the world.

22. never follow the advice of some people on where to smoke sheesha.

23. i still am in search of my elusive ice cream and pancakes meal. :(

24. i only like people for what theyre wearing.

25. what i learned at the nawawi conference: connect with people or something.

26. i have a new theory about bowling. people would be able to bowl over 45 if the shoes were more attractive.

27. screaming for no reason whatsoever is pure joy.

28. oprah's car has a beeping alarm.

29. sammy sosa rides a vespa.

30. theres no place like devon to stalk a guy in a turquoise shirt carrying a purse.

31. i love the lake but not when its cold.

32. hijabis + karaoke + toddy frog's (i forget the name) = awesomeness.

33. its nice to be in the protection of 3 amazing superheros.

34. some people are so beautifully imperfect - theyre perfect.

35. i am indescribably lucky to have access to good people.

36. intensity is breathtaking.

37. everyone should watch kingdom of heaven.

38. i want a better conscience.

39. i will really miss this place.

40. i need to thank everyone ive loved in my life. i love you all. intensely.

41. music is amazing. again.


Blogger LaLa2000 said...

listen, i had to stop reading your list and look at pictures of kids with terminal illnesses in order to stop laughing/crying at this computer lab. ppl were staring, and as much as i'd like to attribute that to my radiant beauty, i think it was because they'd never seen someone laugh before...you sound like you had a good weekend, wish i could have been there. did i mention, you're funny. funny looking. no, i kid.

1:58 PM  
Blogger natasha1313 said...

greektown does exist, i swear!! or maybe i was just really really high that day, hmm.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear there is a walgreens in greektown.

8:18 PM  
Blogger wanderer said...

i love technology... always and forever (oh yeah and you too)
man that goes to show how banal and boring i am, maybe the tour guide industry is the place for me. all i got to say orlando bloom in a thobe- not bad, not bad at all.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant maaaaaake you love meeee. if you dooooont. i cant maaaaaake your heart feel. something that it wooooont... but i wish i could.

10:08 PM  
Blogger lululee said...

ohhh i love you for your summary!!!! that was awesome, oh and on the spider man subject if the "spider man" looked like tobey or orlando for that matter, i will still come, if he is hairy like the spider in the car, i will mail you your wedding gift!!!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Rudi said...

orlando bloom in a thobe..hmm i need to see this. and after that i will definitely all thobed out. i was there is spirit and i am taking all points to heart. awww..

2:56 AM  
Blogger Rudi said...

Congrats on being done!!!! yay, schools out forEVER. how good does that feel??

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like posting...but i wish i could have responses from someone. hmmm....thats IM. nm

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought blogs were for 13 year old junior high girls.

7:20 PM  
Blogger LaLa2000 said...

i'm a 13 yr old girl in junior high. does that mean i'm still marriageable in the muslim community? 14's pushing it right?...by the way, i'm reading up on taboos and will be actively creating them. not the game. it's already created.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous fari said...

i wanna see sisterhood of the travelling pants. . . if i had a sisterhood of the travelling pants, i would like it if you were in it with me. even if you hate me. i will kidnap you one day. and put you in my pocket. forever. and nice blog. im gonna stalk it. cuz reading it makes me remember hi cat. and i like remembeing hi cat. are you gonna stop blogging now cuz im here and you hate me? can all of your friends punch your face for me? guys can you do that? that would be cool. so anyways, hi! i will remember you. will you remember me? i want to vomit. thank you. goodnight. hi tamanna! you are sexy. congrats on the graduation girls! im very proud. let me be your janitor. thanx again. bye.

8:48 PM  
Blogger LaLa2000 said...

time for a new post samar!!!

9:53 AM  

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