i wish i had the guts to ask all the people in this coffee shop to join me in a nice game of telephone.

i'm taking a break from studying bc i'm starting to scare myself. for the past couple hours, i've been in this groove where i have only been concentrating on copyright law. i am actually registering/comprehending/processing what i am studying. i'm not admiring the color or pattern of the socks i have on. i'm not finding mama dinosaur and baby dinosaur shapes in the potholes i can see on 5th ave. i am not poking mono (my cat) to see whether he is really sleeping or whether he is just making up some new game where he wants me to poke him to see if he is sleeping. anyway, it must have been the shock of relevant and necessary information entering my brain for the first time since i was 7 that mistakenly led me to think for a brief moment that i might actually like this law school studying thing. ???????? thankfully, a few seconds after having that thought i immediately realized that i must stop this groove of comprehension before i turn into a completely different person in the last week of my formal education. so, in order to save the rest of you the time of getting to know a new me, i have decided to return to my usual ADD-ridden flaky self and shake the smart out of me. you're welcome.

URGENT: stop whatever it is that you're doing & take
this quiz to find out what random object best represents you.

i am:

You are a drumstick.

Absolutely insane. That is how most would describe you. You aren't afraid to take risks, and enjoy putting yourself in strange situations. Most people hang out with you because of your hilarious sense of humour. You light up any bad situation, and can help all of your friends with their problems, except for your own. Because of this, you enjoy being around people like you. Many shut you out for your very weird, random personality, but honestly, you shouldn't care.

Most compatible with:
Guitar, and another drumstick.

Click here - What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

maybe i should go back to studying.


Blogger hazzuda said...

it said i was a hoe...but did it mean ho?? hmmm...not sure

3:41 PM  
Blogger LaLa2000 said...

you said stick.

4:53 PM  
Blogger wanderer said...

woh, the quiz told me that i am a kitchen knife. "If someone gets in your way, you kill them. If you hate someone, they die. You are the most powerful of all silverware, and cut up peoples souls." Yikes i am scared of myself. i hate coffee shops, i swear i have tried every single thing at cup o joe, cuz i have been here so long.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i too am a hoe. i do think it meant ho since both hazzudda and i have interesting nicknames. and i like hot men. a lot.

8:57 AM  
Blogger lululee said...

samar-- i am a drumstick too, that means were soul mates and must marry one another, or we could just live together as partners....

1:45 PM  
Blogger s am a r said...

i do.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Rudi said...

i am windex. "Just put some Windex."

Most compatible with: Toothbrush.

12:32 PM  

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