hello. testing. one-two. 3-4-5-6-7- dont you hate when people say seBen instead of seven?

i said i would never ever make a blog. i hate blogs. even the word is ugly. blog. blogger. blah.

however, i've decided to embrace the ugly and join the cool kids and blogblogblog my life away. actually, after a night out with my gorgeous girls last nite i realized two things: (1) i'm horrible at keeping in touch with people (ok i already knew that.), and (2) i'm finally leaving columbus and i really need some way for my beoble to know the color of my bajamas and what i ate for cereal on any given day. [note: i did not add the annoying "b"s in front of "beoble" and "bajamas" as a pathetic attempt to add some funnyfunny muslim-comedianesque humor into this rapidly sinking blogocrap. rather, its a pathetic attempt to give a shout out to a special friend who loves men who wear lacostAY cologne.] anyway, so here is my blog. enjoy.

oh, i guess i'm supposed to add in a thought for the day or something. today's thought:

i just sat here for 45 seconds and have no thoughts whatsoever to share. i have to go take my graduation class foto with all my 3L yaars. its my last weekend as a law student. i feel like hootie (from hootie and the blowfish) probably did minutes before he had to tape that
new burger king commercial he's in. actually, i'm not sure if his name even is hootie. if his name really isnt hootie, i take back everything i said about feeling the way he probably felt minutes before he taped that burger king commercial. i just cant relate to that feeling if his name happens to be george or marvin or mike. to be perfectly honest, i have no idea how he felt moments before taping that commercial even if his name really is hootie. my brain is full of crap. welcome to my blog.


Blogger s am a r said...

this entry was sad. no one even commented. bechara entry. i am you and you are me. i want some chex mix.

5:18 PM  

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