i wish i had the guts to ask all the people in this coffee shop to join me in a nice game of telephone.

i'm taking a break from studying bc i'm starting to scare myself. for the past couple hours, i've been in this groove where i have only been concentrating on copyright law. i am actually registering/comprehending/processing what i am studying. i'm not admiring the color or pattern of the socks i have on. i'm not finding mama dinosaur and baby dinosaur shapes in the potholes i can see on 5th ave. i am not poking mono (my cat) to see whether he is really sleeping or whether he is just making up some new game where he wants me to poke him to see if he is sleeping. anyway, it must have been the shock of relevant and necessary information entering my brain for the first time since i was 7 that mistakenly led me to think for a brief moment that i might actually like this law school studying thing. ???????? thankfully, a few seconds after having that thought i immediately realized that i must stop this groove of comprehension before i turn into a completely different person in the last week of my formal education. so, in order to save the rest of you the time of getting to know a new me, i have decided to return to my usual ADD-ridden flaky self and shake the smart out of me. you're welcome.

URGENT: stop whatever it is that you're doing & take
this quiz to find out what random object best represents you.

i am:

You are a drumstick.

Absolutely insane. That is how most would describe you. You aren't afraid to take risks, and enjoy putting yourself in strange situations. Most people hang out with you because of your hilarious sense of humour. You light up any bad situation, and can help all of your friends with their problems, except for your own. Because of this, you enjoy being around people like you. Many shut you out for your very weird, random personality, but honestly, you shouldn't care.

Most compatible with:
Guitar, and another drumstick.

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maybe i should go back to studying.

i want to be a cat. a sunshiney kitten preferably.

my cat is smarter than me. Posted by Hello

Today's List of Things to Do:

1. Dont buy lucky magazine/Develop own personal style. (by the way, i would vote for the woman who wrote this to take over my brain. she even loves shopping the same way i do. see: "Just in case you think this is one of those diatribes against our consumer culture, written by a person whose possessions total two pairs of shoes, a grass mat and a yogurt-making machine, I need to come clean right now: I love shopping, and I love stuff. I have way more stuff than most New Yorkers I know. New stuff, other people's old stuff: It doesn't really matter. If I see beauty in it, if it thrills or amuses me to look at it, then I want to have it around me. If it's also made with care and attention to detail, showing some evidence of the human touch (or at least human thought), then I'm definitely a goner. Department store, flea market, specialty boutique, eBay -- when I have the money (and sometimes when I don't), I'm out there buying." i like her.)

2. move to laredo, tx.

3. stop looking at lucky magazine with the hope that there will be a pretty editorial page with a small chirpy girl telling me what to wear in order to get that im-a-dedicated-law-student-studying-for-finals-with-great-enthusiasm-&-confidence style./Go back to step one & develop own personal style.

4. study.


other people's brains are my intellectual property.

i'm not allowing myself to form any thoughts of my own today other than about copyright law. copyright, copyright, copyright. wouldnt it be amazing if i was able to learn something about the nature of copyright law simply by repeating the word over and over? right.

anyway, since i'm doing all of of you and myself a favor by not thinking today, i'm at license to share the thoughts of others and pretend that if i was actually thinking today, these are some of the things i would be thinking about.

MY brilliant non-existent thoughts of the day (in list form):


In form you are the microcosm;
in reality you are the macrocosm.

-Mathnawi [IV, 521] From the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright 1946, 1952, 1971 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA.

Sexual Revolutionaries -- "Persepolis" author Marjane Satrapi talks about why Iranians don't think sex is sinful, the hypocrisy of American saber-rattling over Iran, and why George Bush and the mullahs are "the same." salon.com

interesting quotes from the interview: [disclaimer: i havent read the book. i also dont agree with everything she says in the interview. but to be fair, i also dont agree with everything that comes out of my own mouth. so this is still a valid MY thought of the day. end of disclaimer.]

"If I have any advice, it's that every day that you wake up, don't say, "This is normal." Every day, wake up with this idea that you have to defend your freedom. Nobody has the right to take from women the right to abortion, nobody has the right to take from homosexuals the right to be homosexual, nobody has the right to stop people laughing, to stop people thinking, to stop people talking.

If I have one message to give to the secular American people, it's that the world is not divided into countries. The world is not divided between East and West. You are American, I am Iranian, we don't know each other, but we talk together and we understand each other perfectly. The difference between you and your government is much bigger than the difference between you and me. And the difference between me and my government is much bigger than the difference between me and you. And our governments are very much the same."

"They all the time talk about security. Security, security, security. But when you talk about security, then everything is about being safe. And being safe also means having less freedom."

"Democracy, contrary to what they try to tell us, it's not a paper that you hang on the wall and then you have a democracy. Democracy is a social evolution. It is something cultural. Iranians, they have become much more secular, and they are ready for democracy, but they have to fight themselves for democracy, and the only thing that other countries can do is to understand their fight and help them in their fight."

"In Iran, sex is a problem before marriage. After marriage, it's much less of a problem. Here in the West, I very rarely hear older women, 60 or 65, talking about sex. From the moment they have menopause, sex is over for women. In Iran, I think it goes for a longer time."

3. The Guardian has a Special Report on racial dynamics in the UK. An article in the report discusses how a british appellate court recently ruled that use of the word "immigrant" as an insult can amount to proof of racial hostility. interesting stuff.

someone else's [MY]
thoughts about the pope. after having gone to two extremely ideologically different catholic schools, its more than apparent that the selection of cardinal ratzinger as the next pope will only further the ever growing divide between the members of the catholic church. the first school i attended viewed vatican ii as a heroic attempt by the church to appease the controversial demands made by some clergy and followers that the church finally acknowledge both modernity and the church's geographical expansion into the third world. i was taught that the correct way to interpret the church's half-hearted doctrinal shift was that it was a door that the church had to open, but that good catholics could not and should not walk through it. the second catholic school i attended was much more non-traditional in its viewpoints (and was interestingly enough, an all female school). there i was taught that vatican ii was a sign of returning to the essential spirit of christianity and that a third vatican council was bound to convene in the not too distant future. my liberal catholic teachers won the battle for my soul. i still cant get over the fact that conclave of cardinals chose pope benedict as their spiritual leader. as a muslim, i can only sympathize with the frustration of many catholics after this pronouncement. going back to what Marjane Satrapi mentioned above, we arent really all that different now, are we?

[okay i somewhat cheated there. im not supposed to be thinking and rambling about my own inane stupid thoughts. STUPID SAMAR. copyright, copyright, copyright.]

5. blogger jlkjf;adkfad dork. blaaaaaaaaaah. blah.


what you waiting
what you waiting
what you waiting
what you waiting
what you waiting for?

[special thanks to gwen stefani & her harajuku girls]


peanut butter and honey spread at brookstone bakery gets two thumbs down

someone told me yesterday that it was going to snow today. at the time, i found the idea of snow in the middle of april to be really disgusting. i generally find anything that reeks of ohio to be really disgusting. snow in the middle of april reeks of ohio.

i was a witness this morning for a group who had their final trials today for trial practice. i spent most of the morning trying to figure out why i cant decide whether or not i like the franklin county courthouse building. i should have at least made up my mind now considering that i've been in that building 4378 times too many in the past year. it really bothers me that i havent formed an opinion about it yet. my only explanation is that the the architects must have strategically placed spaces where people wouldnt be able to notice anything other than the juvenile delinquents wandering around simply bc they didnt want anyone to ever form an opinion about their building.

later, on my way to cincinnati i started feeling bad about hating on ohio yesterday. i guilted myself into thinking that i loved everything about ohio so much that even the construction on I-71 S is delightful. my guilt only lasted for about 4 minutes though. by the time i reached my parents' house, i had reached a zen master state of mind where i felt like killing 71-S construction, liking the rain, and only slightly hating ohio.

i came to cincinnati so that i could attend an ollllllllllllllllllld friend's engagement party tonight. her fiance and her are perfect together in that really nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich kind of way. i loved it. it never ceases to amaze me how one flawed person can randomly land on another flawed person and somehow they just fit. at the risk of sounding cheesy, its one of the most beautiful signs of God.

oh and i changed my mind about the whole snow in april deal. it does make sense.


almond joy

i like lists.

1. i'm constantly going through these phases of questioning whether or not i really want to be a lawyer. i found the much needed
inspiration i've been missing today. hallelujah, i do want to be a lawyer! heres a quote that i found to be especially poignant: "Police officers also were never able to verify contentions by Ms. Ayala and two relatives that she vomited after spitting out the detached finger. The officers found no vomit at the scene, the affidavit said." el pollo loco, indeed.

2. giving away free food is an amazing way to get people to learn. tammy and i learned that today is earth day. kerry might have won if he gave away free yuppy food to the masses. moral values shmalues. everyone knows that all red staters really want is a good burger. just dont tell them that its made from organically grown tofu.

3. i desperately want
emack & bolios to be our new hangout. why didnt this place exist before??? they even have monopoly. im seriously tempted to play connect four against myself instead of studying for copyright. i've had some espn worthy games against myself in the past. hi. im a dork.

4. hi. i'm still a dork.

5. i need to study.


hello. testing. one-two. 3-4-5-6-7- dont you hate when people say seBen instead of seven?

i said i would never ever make a blog. i hate blogs. even the word is ugly. blog. blogger. blah.

however, i've decided to embrace the ugly and join the cool kids and blogblogblog my life away. actually, after a night out with my gorgeous girls last nite i realized two things: (1) i'm horrible at keeping in touch with people (ok i already knew that.), and (2) i'm finally leaving columbus and i really need some way for my beoble to know the color of my bajamas and what i ate for cereal on any given day. [note: i did not add the annoying "b"s in front of "beoble" and "bajamas" as a pathetic attempt to add some funnyfunny muslim-comedianesque humor into this rapidly sinking blogocrap. rather, its a pathetic attempt to give a shout out to a special friend who loves men who wear lacostAY cologne.] anyway, so here is my blog. enjoy.

oh, i guess i'm supposed to add in a thought for the day or something. today's thought:

i just sat here for 45 seconds and have no thoughts whatsoever to share. i have to go take my graduation class foto with all my 3L yaars. its my last weekend as a law student. i feel like hootie (from hootie and the blowfish) probably did minutes before he had to tape that
new burger king commercial he's in. actually, i'm not sure if his name even is hootie. if his name really isnt hootie, i take back everything i said about feeling the way he probably felt minutes before he taped that burger king commercial. i just cant relate to that feeling if his name happens to be george or marvin or mike. to be perfectly honest, i have no idea how he felt moments before taping that commercial even if his name really is hootie. my brain is full of crap. welcome to my blog.